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It`s the forum of our clan. Everybody else has restricted entrance
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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeMon Jul 02, 2007 10:25 pm

The rules of the forum are the following:

1 No spam. There is a separate topic for that

2 Insulting of other members is strictly forbidden. If you do so you will be banned.

3 Later when we will have more members we will separate them into teams. Every team will be lead by a Legendary sanin or jounin. We will be doing so because of future competitions.

4 You will know when a competition is because we will post it a week earlier. Everybody can be a contestant. We will have team competitions (between teams lead by an moderator) and rank competitions (like genin vs. genin or jounin vs. jounin)

5 Missions will be refreshed every week at Saturday. Me and the Hokage are making the missions, but you can PM me with your mission and we will discuss it.

6 To be part of the clan you have to play the game Naruto-arena: . When signing in you need to put your name from the game or else ill throw you out trough the window.

7 The chat is freed from “street” vocabulary and any insult will be punished first with a few days post restriction, but if it happens again he will get more and more days and will be banned in the end.

8 And last but not least
Invite as many members as you can


Hope you like the clan forum

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